This is how you play chess.

Grandpa wants to play a game....

Grandpa asks 6 year old: “Do you want to have a game?" 6 year old begins: “Ahhh....!"

3 year old interrupts: "I do! ! I’ll pay! Can I play?"

Grandpa (holding a small clear plastic box) asks: "Do you know how to play checkers" (flipping over the game) "or chess"?

6 year old interjects: "I, ahhh, think I know how checkers work."

“Me too! “, jumps in 3 year old, "I wanna play . . .THIS GAME" (He tries to take the top off of the chess set)

6 year old moves away from the table. "I don’t want to play,"  she decides.

3 year old eagerly says ,"What‘s this?"

Grandpa: "You get up in this chair, and I‘ll teach you!"

Grandpa: "Maybe we should play checkers?"

3 year old: "No, I want to play with these things!"

Grandpa tries to set up the board with the figures in their right places but 3 year old keeps moving them.

"Okay, this is a knight. This Knight goes in this direction two places then in this direction one.
This is a Queen and this is a king. These pawns move straight ahead like this. You can go two places first then only one place after..."

3 year old tries to pry the bottom of the box open and the pieces fall from the bottom of the box onto the floor.

"What do these do? They are bigger and all the same?"

Grandpa says,”Let's find the pieces and set the board okay?!”...

-Guest Blogger, Grandpa