Chocolate Counter

Counting and measuring time is a relative thing no matter who you are. Even though I don't always realize it, I'm sure my internal clock is actually extremely regimented. However, my version of how fast or slow the seconds and hours are being meted out is constantly being amended and altered.  My counting of time most definitely gets pushed through a sieve in a crisis  and denatures in times of uncertainty and boredom.  In my kids, time counting has been an activity that they have been grappling with throughout their short lives.  My son is at a stage where he is constantly testing new vocabulary words and theories to describe time passing and he uses them rather experimentally.  I was a little shocked by how quickly my daughter passed through a phase of not really knowing what day it was to correcting me.  Currently, the advent calendar has been re-named a Chocolate counter which I think suits it perfectly.  Of course, with his evolving sense of measurement my son demanded that he be given "not that many, but another many" chocolate windows, so, at this rate, Christmas will be here before I know it.