Homemade Something

Every year it is the same thing:  "I am going to make my presents this year".  Trouble is, I cannot sew and my skills at making anything that anyone would actually like to have are extremely limited.  I also never give myself enough time.  I know that people who make things that people wear or put books on or in start back in September or October.  Alas, I can bake and mix stuff together though, so I usually go for making bath salts or cookies and put my skills into decorating the packages.  Part of what I like most about this time of year is totally opening myself up to whatever the big box of odds and ends inspires me  to create.  The kids and I sit at the table and assemble all kinds of glittery ornaments and Christmasy things.  For days now, presents have been made and decorations have been planned and created.   The tree has been decorated a few times now and there are several little gift bags and packages under the tree already.  Surprises await! What kind of gifts do you make? What part of your Christmas is homemade?


  1. Baking for sure! Every now and again something bigger will strike me and I make pieces of "art". The only other thing I would say is that I love this time of year and I hope, sometimes, that my excitement and general good, happy mood is infectious. Maybe not? :)


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