My children spontaneously start little collections on a regular basis.   My daughter collects all manner of things in a bag or suitcase.  Her collections are usually associated with a project.  She is going to start a school upstairs or go on a trip somewhere.  My son assembles collections of teeny objects in little pots, boxes and containers. Chestnuts, cars and little figures get purposely selected to be contained together for a time to be observed, to be rearranged, to be touched and jangled as he walks from room to room, from house to car and back again for a day or two before he abandons it and picks up a new container and starts over.  Both kinds of collecting are done with great purpose and the process is enjoyed.

The other day, my daughter, poising to fill a purse with carefully selected items, asked, "Mama, what do you carry in your purse?"  ---beyond a wallet and keys, I could not name one thing.  This is the case, even though it is overflowing and constantly being lugged around. On a semi-regular basis, I disgorge it, re-arrange it and get a fleeting feeling of pleasure.  It made me wonder, what I am I collecting in there and why?

Check out these fascinating collections at The Burning House. This site asks one question: What would you bring with you if your home was on fire? People submit a list and a photograph of the painstakingly selected objects that would make it into their bag. A lot of Apple products make the cut!  These collections stand out:

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