"Would you like milk with that?"

My kids have a few consistent games/play scenarios at the moment.  Some of them have endured for years, others are fixed to a place.  My daughter continues to play some version of restaurant.  She's been at it half of her life and now it has become a lot more sophisticated. For a while in the summer, she had a Tim Horton's set up in the living room, she has since decided a cafe would be more fun.  She stockpiles throw-away coffee cups and continues to revise the menu.  For my son, he is much more likely to make up games that involve manipulating objects (creating an elevator with a scarf on the banister or a marble/car tunnel with a wrapping paper roll).  If he's at Grandma's he insists on pouring and re-pouring a lot of tea with his mobile tea trolley and if he's at Mana's he and his sister raid the wrapping paper drawer and wrap and re-wrap/decorate various objects and practise giving them to us all.  I keep watching, noticing, the subtleties of how the games/scenarios change and new ones emerge.  What will come next?  How about you? What games do your kids play? Are they new ones to you or do you remember playing similar ones?