Christmas Artist

My three year old son is a Christmas artist.  His favourite part of the season so far is the decorating part. He petitioned to have the tree up early in the month and took charge of decorating it,packing ornaments on to the tree in a concentrated clump of shiny glory!  Even though I would say most, if not all, of our decorations have already been put up, he continues to implore us to keep decorating. Maybe there are more things in the basement that we missed?  We need to make more decorations.  Perhaps, that ribbon can go on the tree?

The other day, as he sat in the swing on the edge of the woods on a cold clear and extremely quiet mid-December afternoon, he noted that the swing was making a tick-tocking sound, just like a clock.  We were quiet for a while in the stillness, the swing tick-tocked. After a while, he added: "It's nice here." He gestured over to a nearby home and said, "you know,that house is really nice, the decorating is really nice." He went on to ruminate on design: "You know, the wood part is really hard to do, but the decorating part is easy for me."

He declared his concern for our Christmas tree. He predicted that Santa will say: "This is an angry mess!  There is no star on the tree!!!"  He explained how important a star would be to our Christmas tree. Upon returning home, another frenzy of making Christmas decorations ensued.  Finally, he noted with satisfaction, as we admired our work from the couch: "Oh Mama!! I can see the Christmas tree in your eyes."  Well done. Hopefully, we have appeased Santa in the decorating department, still working on the angry mess though.


  1. Oh Sam, you take all the right things seriously.


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