New Year's Restitution

My follow through on resolutions is uneven at best.  I decided to ask my children their thoughts on how they would do things differently in 2012 for some ideas.

Mama: "Tomorrow a new year is starting.  When a new year starts  people choose something they will try do more of or do something better than they did this year.  What will you do differently in 2012?"

Six Year Old: "Only sleep at night (staring meaningfully at Mama.)"

Mama: "You mean I can't have any naps at all?"

Six Year Old: "No, you just can't sleep when there is some fun around."

Three Year Old: "Make a snowman!  Go skating! Go swimming!"

Six Year Old: "No more after school program!"

Mama: "What would you like me to do differently in 2012?"

Six Year Old: "Oh I don't know! It is your decision."

Three Year Old: "Draw."

Okay, it is settled, my resolution will be to fight sleep, go skating and swimming more and draw whenever possible.  I think I can handle that.