Travel Ring Toss

I recently had to travel to Toronto for a conference.  I eagerly anticipated two nights away (alone!) in a hotel with a swimming pool.  My daughter,who relishes hotel stays and plane trips, presented me with my going away gift: a spoon and a bracelet so I could play ring toss on my trip.  She also presented me with the silver box that you can see above with a collection of little treasures she felt I would need for a good trip.   The pool more than surpassed my expectations. It was half indoors and half outdoors, in late October, in downtown Toronto.  As I arrived in the morning on the pool deck, the steam was hitting the cold, early morning air and as I swam on my back down the length of the pool I gazed up at skyscrapers.  The swim cleared my head and woke me up for sure, but I credit the ring toss game for making me extra mentally prepared for the presentation.