There is a new playground at the neighbourhood school. it is brightly coloured and it has the newest kind of feature, a spider web. It, along with an adjacent one, has plenty of slides and climbing apparatuses.  Close by there is a beautiful tree that is, in places,  almost parallel with the ground. It has several branches splayed out from the the trunk before it climbs upward.  During the week, the tree is off limits.  Kids are not allowed to play on it.  Safety reasons are cited, the childrens' and the tree's!!  However, during the weekends, when we venture over to have a play, the kids completely bypass the fancy playground, save the swings, and head for that tree.  I understand its attraction but I thought I'd ask them:

Mama " Why do you like to climb the tree and not the playground?"
Kid 1: " It's just funner."
Mama: "but why is it more fun?"
Kid 1: "I can make a flag and it has more secret things."
Kid 2: "Yeah, I like climbing it."

Do you know a tree with secret things?  Have you climbed a tree lately? What do your kids like to climb?


  1. Its amazing when kids always find more fun with the dirt piles, the small hill to roll down, or the wooden spoon and a pot when given the opportunity to play with toys from a store. As a kid, there was a shrub/bush on the front lawn that dad would trim back every couple of years. When the shrub was tall enough I would crawl inside and hide. Blake.


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