20 questions, 2 versions

3 year old version:
1. Is it a dog? 2. Is it a skunk? 3. Is it a strawberry? 4. I know! Is it a strawberry? It IS a strawberry, isn't it? 5.Um okay, is it a tree? 6. Is it a toy? 7. Is it...okay give me a clue.

I am hungry, I need a snack.

7 year old version:
Kid: Okay you have to guess.
Parent : Is it an animal?
Kid:  No
Parent: Is it a vegetable?
Kid: No
Parent: Is it a mineral?
Kid: Yes!!
Parent: Is it machine made?
Kid: ugh ugh sometimes...
Parent: Is it small enough to fit in your pocket?
Kid: well yes, but you really shouldn't put it there.
Parent: Is it hard?
Kid: No
Parent: Is it squishy?
Kid: No
Parent: Is it soft?
Kid: Yes, sometimes.
Parent: Is it edible?
Kid: Yes, okay let me give you a clue...you can eat it on french fries...
Parent: You mean it is a vegetable?
Kid: No!!! It is a mineral!
Parent: Oooooooh, I think I know...