A 5 minute challenge

WifeMotherExpletive extended an invitation I could not refuse: "Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking" on the word, Real.

real is what I always strive to be.  in a hurry to be as real as possible, I've overlooked so much.  I have denied myself things that would have helped me understand things better.  real, but real for who? as I age, I want to be more real to me because I suspect that there will be many surprises. hard to believe that I will be surprised since I have lived with myself for 36 , going on 37 years, but I don't doubt it for one minute.  Honesty is where I falter.  I can achieve "real" (does it qualify as real if it is in quotation marks) but it may not be true.  In general, I want things to be tied up in a package and smooth even it is too jagged to fit.  I want this, I know that to be real, it cannot happen but I think true is what I need to really aim for.  I know some things are true for ages before I admit it out loud.  I want the truth is be my roommate. To share its food and responsibilities.  I do not invite it over enough, I'm conscious of all the good truth does but still I hesitate.  Is it because I'm an introvert and am afraid of giving myself over too much. I hold myself back behind folds of cloth.

Now, it is YOUR turn!