A day

I just found out about this cool project. It is called Aday.org.  People all over the world are being encouraged to submit photos on May 15th that sum up/depict some aspect of their lives on that one day.

They want photos about the home, work and technology use.  Check out the website and get ready to take some pictures.  All the photos will be gathered together and a selection of them will be published in a coffee table book by Christmas. 

I love the idea of this kind of project because it reminds me of one of my favourite heroine's, Busybody Nora, ideas about living in an apartment building.

"Their home was an apartment building in New York City near Riverside Drive. The building had eight floors, and there five apartments on each floor.  Some apartment buildings are much,much larger, but this one was large enough.  Nobody had ever counted all the people, but Nora had once told her mother, "A million people live in our building."  Mommy had corrected her. "Not a million, but maybe two hundred," she said. That number was big enough; it fascinated Nora and stuck in her head.

She like to imagine the other people in the building. It was funny to think about 199 other people all brushing their teeth at the same time. Or 199 other people all putting slices of bread in their toasters. Or 199 other people turning out the light to go to sleep."-Busybody Nora, 2001(republished)

The catch phrase of Aday.org is "photographing the world on a single day."

They invite us to "photograph what our lives look like on May 15th, 2012."

I think I'll send some pictures along, will you?