An Antique Such and Such

As I alluded to the other day, I went on a fantastic weekend away with the kids and our friends and their kids.  We ate and drank and hiked and played.  We went whale watching and saw fin whales huffing and puffing to the surface multiple times. We saw seals and chickens and sheep and fish. The kids stayed up late with their friends and watched movies in bed together.  They made up games and played board and card games and had a car washing competition.

After all that, we capped off our last day with a trip to a beach to watch the sunset over Maine (we later found out) and the kids scrabbled over rocks while we sipped wine. Perfect.

Before the sun set, our daughter, in her rock climbing mode, discovered an "antique".  It is an oddly shaped machine made metal object.  It looks old because it is rusted and also because parts these days aren't usually made with metal.  We're stumped.  We do not know what it is but it is precious to her. She believes it came from a shipwreck. She insisted that we bring her treasure back to Halifax.  Upon returning home, she remembered that on "Grandma's computer there is a button that says,," maybe, she speculated, "we could check that."  Then she suggested that we post a picture of it on my blog and see if people can identify it.

We asked her yesterday what was the best part of her busy, fun-filled weekend.

"The sunset and finding the treasure" were her answers.  "I wrote about it in my journal."

So, what do you think, is this a such and such?  If so, what kind of such and such is it?


  1. huh. i am going to go ask a sailor to look at that, see if it came from a boat...?


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