Scent Track

There are scents in this world that bring me back to somewhere, places where I cannot go.  I smell that smell and get a hit of some time before that will not come again.  For me, lilac scent sends me on a bender.  Upon sight,  I begin to remember what they smell like.  However, it is the smelling of them directly, which I can only really bring myself to do a dozen times a year (3 times so far this year), that fills me with such a mix of regret and plan making unique to them and me that I can barely stand to look at them.  I have been avoiding them, I see them across the street and a kind of longing takes over.

I remember a spring. I remember my grandmother's garden and a freedom that I have not really felt since. I remember glass upon glass filled with lilacs, scenting every room and shaping plans I made.

What scent makes you remember a place?  Does it even have a name?  Or is it a mixture of smells you can     
never put your finger on?


  1. beautiful photos... and man, lilac is a hard one to avoid, it is so strong... maybe you should dive in ? go roll around in it and have the memories and by immersion, you will lessen their impact? eh?


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