We lob chunks of thought...
we trail off...
we scrunch up our faces and wonder aloud, "where was I"?

We abandon lines of thought...

We save stuff up to tell each other

We lurch from point a to b to g and j and back to a again. Followed by c.

We stop mid-senten

and resume at some other juncture,                                          further down the line.

(After the kind of crying or the drenching by juice that makes it impossible to wait until the punctuation point.)

We blurt things to      keep     us      going        until    


We wonder what she was about to say...

we keep talking, picking up speed, trying to cram in as much as we can before the next 
We walk away trying to be as satisfied as possible, leaving unsaid so many things.

We are parents trying to maintain other kinds of relationships.


  1. oh yeah, the most frustrating of things... but the most everyday as well...

  2. my life in a nutshell!


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