A nut and a swirly slide

It started out as a dog eating everything.

Then there were several hours stewing and doing nothing and watching too much t.v. There was a mom resistant to all the ideas that were proposed much to her shame.
 But then, like a strike of lightening splitting the sky, a vision about how a nut might be conveyed by a swirly slide came charging out and changed everything.

The dog became a tunnel through which an attached and more than a little broken toy turned into a new toy.  More boxes and more milk cartons were added and angles were experimented with .  The mom started to loosen up a little and was in charge of cutting and duct taping.  The kids kept bringing more things out of the recycling bag.  More possibilities were discovered and more vehicles, beyond the nut, were tried.
 The milk carton became a channel through which a bouncy ball could pop out of.
 Soon enough, the dry version was outmoded by the water slide version.  Instead of pouring water directly into a bottle, it was discovered that you could connect it to these joints of milk cartons and usher the water into the bottle.  Once disconnected, this water bottle made drinking water a special and hard won activity.
The water, once it passed through these chambers, was very very good.