Do you want to join the circus?

On the way to school on Monday morning, we were all a little taken aback when we cast ours eyes upon the very green hill behind the school.  For a couple of weeks until then, we had come to take for granted the first fluffy layer and later, sheen of icy, snow.  It was a source of very free entertainment and it provided a much needed pressure valve to our house/school/office bound days.  Suddenly, it was gone. Despite its brief tenure, the school grounds looked like they were missing something crucial.  It felt a little like there had been a circus tent erected next door that had provided hours of free shows and excitement and a place to head to escape normal life.  And now, it appeared a team of carnies had come in the night and taken down the tent and moved on.  All that was left was the last crust of crunchy crusts of snow for cracking.

This morning, a promise of another snowfall is in the air.  My son announced that a bicycle sled would be a fantastic invention (I agree).   The circus is coming back to town.