Sleeping in

It's the same question every Friday afternoon.

"What am I doing this morning?(tomorrow morning)
"You have a free morning.  We don't go anywhere.  We'll all stay together here."
"You can sleep in."
"What is sleeping in?"
"You know how we have to get up early usually so we are not late for preschool? Well on Saturdays there is no time to get up. You can stay in bed as long as you like."
"Oh.  Okay, I am going to sleep in."

I really wish I had explained the meaning of sleeping in before this.


  1. did it work? sleeping in never really happens at our house. a free day means more time for the kids to spend with us, so that usually means getting up extra early (earlier and happier than on school days) to squeeze in every second with mom and dad

  2. I know what you mean. I wheedle, threaten, and conjole him out of bed all week and he's up and demanding on weekends early, but he actually did sleep in past 8 this morning.


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