The Magic Nail

I just learned about a magic nail.  Its' magic is that you only need it and one piece of wood to make a tree house with an elevator.  It is kept secret for obvious reasons. It is kept in a box covered in shiny fabric. I know where the hiding place is but I'll respect the person who told me about it and not tell you where it is. As someone who almost flunked out of home economics because of the sewing component, and who would love it if there was a magic needle that could assemble any number of amazing projects out of all of the beautiful fabric in the world, a magic nail has a special allure.  It sure would come in handy.  I need tools and the inclination to know what to do with them.  They need to be magic ones.  Right now, without magic, my dexterity is limited. Is there a job that requires you to laugh at jokes?  Is there some kind of compensation for admiring other people's handiwork and having good ideas about what could  be made?  There probably are somewhere out there, but until that job is found, I will happily be an amateur admirer of other people's genius and skills.


  1. I love thinking about a magic nail that can make a tree house with an elevator!


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