The line of light under the door.

There is a tiny door in my mind now, behind which there are things I do not wish to even deign to imagine. I prefer to keep it firmly shut. I turn towards the light instead.  I cannot see clearly looking into such dazzling light but I am going to trust that walking forward into it will not be a bad move. However, what is the substance of this blinding good light?  How do I add to it and not dim it?

What creates peace in this world?  Is losing my temper with my kids while I'm trying to do any other thing (especially unrealistic-in-the-first-place things) disrupting peace really or just a natural part of this journey?  Sarcasm? Rolling my eyes?  Is keeping anger to myself violent? I know these actions and copious examples of inaction can diminish peace in a thousand splintering ways but where is the line between that and violence, between violence and no violence being committed?  I already know the answer but I don't always act like I know.  There is no line or if there is, it is a swervy, curvy, blurry one.  And I have to be diligent everyday to ensure that peace means more than no violence. We all do.