Move the couch on an angle

Yesterday, I was finally cleaning up the house after the chaos created by a snow day, a sick day and a weekend.  As I finally removed the Christmas tree that had been sitting idly in the corner and tackled the mount of crumbs and craft projects that were clogging up the high traffic areas, my son lamented that he was so bored.  He complained loudly.  I had to keep my spirits up, I had a lot of tidying and putting away ahead of me, he was not exactly pushing my progress forward.  I made a few limp suggestions, you could put together a puzzle? You could play with your tubes?  You could make a ramp?  But the truth was, the mess was a threat not only to health and safety but also to self-entertaining as well.  Suddenly, he exclaimed, "I know! We could move the couch and see if there are any toys under it!"  I often move the furniture around a little to sweep in hard to reach places.  On a regular basis these temporary re-arrangements do unearth a toy that has been elusive.  I agreed, that since we were cleaning anyway, that yes, we should move the couch and sweep underneath it.

He sat patiently waiting for the couch to be moved.

I stopped the laundry folding and walked over to give the couch a shove.

The couch was now on an angle, biscecting the room.  He could sit on the angled end of the couch and reach the table.

From his new vantage point he first checked to see if anything re-appeared underneath the couch.  Nothing of note was revealed.

He now, though, declared that we should keep the couch like that.  Changing its angle, disrupted the boredom and changed his attitude. He proceeded to start making plans and occupying himself based on this new arrangement.  He happily kept himself busy drawing and pushing cars, and nuts and mini-skateboards through the Christmas wrap tube again.  Moving the couch on an angle made everything different for a little while and I carried on with the work I had to do.  The angled couch kept us both going just long enough for me to finish tidying. Now the room is back to rights. The couch is not on an angle anymore but angling it for an hour did us a lot of good.