My voice is too close

Last time my son was sick with a virus, he spent a lot of time upside down. He said it helped his voice.  "My voice is too close, so I need medicine" he explained.

His attempts at explaining his condition so precisely from his unique perspective in his own words impressed me.

He explained that being upside down helped him to get his "voice not so close".

I thought about when I am sick and about how all the ways I have of describing how I am feeling are unoriginal pat sayings.   "I feel like there is someone pounding my head with a hammer."
"My nose is stuffed up."
"I feel like I have been run over by a truck."

I don't go deep inside of myself and think "where am I at with this?"  I wonder if the way I describe my symptoms influence how I cope with them or not cope with them.

I don't turn myself upside down.

I just lie there. Inert. Or slog my way through the day. Waiting to feel better.

His experience coping with minor illness opened my eyes to new possibilities.  He was experiencing his virus and telling me about the experience.  It made me think that I  should go with my intuition more, listen more carefully to myself, especially when I am sick.